Although Powerpoint presentations can be handled by most individuals, conveying information effectively, simply and within a branded framework may not be the top of everyones' experience.

My experience in Powerpoint presentation design and construction has allowed me to design presentations which keep an audience attentive and leave them with salient information and a good impression.

I have also been called upon to analyse and critique existing presentations and offer advise and consultation on how best to improve them. Additional services include:

Improving existing presentations
  • Reviewing and editing the text to improve retention and comprehension
  • Redesigning slides into a more appealing style
  • Modifying the color scheme to achieve strategic objectives
  • Adding attractive backgrounds for visual appeal
  • Creating custom graphics to support key points
Creating new elements
  • Corporate branded templates
  • Custom made illustrations, images and charts
  • Table of contents and navigation

Below are a selection of some of the more recent presentations I have been involved with:

"Julian consistently turns my ideas into designs more beautiful than I could have imagined."

Tim Dobson
Community and Advertising
Bytemark Hosting