Conflict Armament ResearchConflict Armament ResearchConflict Armament ResearchConflict Armament ResearchConflict Armament Research

October 2014


Conflict Armament Research


Conflict Armament Research responds to growing worldwide demand for weapon-specific technical expertise to support research, analysis and policy making. The brief for the project was to create a site which presented their work and imagery in the best way possible as well as conveying the nature of their organisation. To this end, full-screen images were used to introduce each section with supporting copy and additional imagery used throughout.

A gallery section allows visitors to magnify each enlarged image so fine details such as markings and serial numbers can been seen. The site allows staff members to add new images to the gallery, documents to the publications area as well as edit some of the copy to each section.

Additional services include copywriting the carousel and project managing and liaison with the developers of the site.


Conflict Armament Research