Print Design


Sphynx Hospitality

June 2006


Sphynx Hospitality


Sphynx Hospitality are a online marketing company specialising in the hotel and hospitality sector.

The brief required that there should be an image of a cat similar to that used for the Thompson Directory together with a strong colour scheme. From this I took the idea of a Sphynx Egyptian cat whose diginified features lent itself to the logo. The idea behind using two cats was to convey the element of support (ie "behind every great product is a great marketeer").

The colour scheme chosen was one which conveyed strength, power and determination. It's high visibility impact helps provide a recognisable colour reference contrasted with a slightly more approachable and warmer ochre.
The profile of the cat could also be used as a graphic element in its own right.

I provided the client with a sample of how a typical brochure may look which involved using a cutout of the Sphynx profile which folded outward.