Bytemark Xmas Card Bytemark Xmas Card Bytemark Xmas Card

December 2015




Bytemark are leading webhosts and wanted a geeky christmas card similar to ones I had created for them over the past few years.

This year the brief was open - "geeky" was what they wanted. As many of their customers are keen gamers and some are game developers, I used the video gaming concept of a 'boss battle' - a challenging end of level/game entity one must defeat to pass through or complete the game.

I took the concept and created a scenario where Santa needs to deliver presents to a game developer. However, as developers love to add boss battles to their games, I added one for Santa to defeat prior to gaining access to the recipients home (home security gone mad).

The inside spread shows the defeat of the boss via the use of 'Godmode' a well-known cheat type giving invincibility to the player.