Outdoor Advertising

CBS Outdoor (now known as Exterion Media)

CBS Outdoor are the world's leading transport media sales company and handle advertising covering the UK's buses, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, major tram, national rail and coach networks.

Web Hosting

Bytemark Hosting

The 'geek hosting outfit of choice', Bytemark are a leading web hosting organisation who have gone from single room company to a multi-million pound organisation.



EdPlace are a leading online education resource for parents.


The Sterling Group

The Sterling Group consists of research-led UK universities which share a commitment to international excellence in Engineering research and teaching. The current membership is 17 institutions.

Aerospace AND DEFENSE Consultancy

Hawksland Associates

Hawksland Associates are aerospace and defence consultants providing business development, operational and technical support services to aerospace, defence and security businesses.


Inter-Parliamentary Union

The IPU is the international organization of Parliaments of sovereign States and was established in 1889. The Union is the focal point for world-wide parliamentary dialogue and works for peace and co-operation among peoples and for the firm establishment of representative democracy..


Small Arms Survey

The Small Arms Survey is the principal source of public information on all aspects of small arms. It serves to monitor national and international (governmental and non-governmental) initiatives, and acts as a clearing house for the dissemination of best practices in the field.


Conflict Armamanet Research

Conflict Armament Research identifies and tracks conventional weapons in contemporary armed conflicts. Established in 2011, it was created in response to the growing need for informed, on-the-ground reporting on weapons proliferation in modern wars and insurgencies. 

display and high technology

Hendy Consulting

Hendy Consulting is a unique boutique strategy provider, offering insightful advice and management decision facilitation to Display and High Technology Companies as well as financial players interested in these fields.


Institute of Hospitality

The Institute of Hospitality promotes the highest professional standards of management and education in the international hospitality industry. It has 27 Branches in the UK who organise local business and social networking events.

pr and marketing

Custard Communications

Custard Communications is a marketing and communications agency for the hospitality industry.


Aztec Computing

Aztec Computing are a leading database development company with a large range of high profile corporate clients as well as smaller businesses.


Arena Media

Arena Media is an agile and personalized team spanning over 60 countries, who work alongside specialist units in digital, data, mobile, content marketing, sports and experiential. 


Conrad Merrin

Conrad Merrin is a leading, award-winning West-London surveyors who specialise in commercial and residential properties.



IMPACT Developer&Construct S.A. is a privatly-owned real estate developer, active in the integrated mixed development area based in Romania.

"Julian's creativity, attention to detail and rapid response is extraordinary."

Gary Windas
Managing Director
Hawksland Associates